Why Choose a French Bulldog?

If you will look at social media and Instagram, you’ll notice that there are lots of people posting their Frenchie or French Bulldog. But what makes it so popular? Why should you be going for a French Bulldog?

First, they are relatively small. Even if they can be considered a medium-sized dog, they are still at the bottom of the spectrum. Next, they don’t require a lot of outdoor exercises. You don’t have to walk them every day. You can easily give them some toys at home and they already have their dose of exercise for the day.

Another reason why you should get a Frenchie is that they require minimal grooming. They don’t shed a lot which makes them ideal for those who want to maintain a clean apartment. You don’t need to visit the groomer every now and then.

Unfortunately, they are prone to obesity. You will have to make sure that you watch out what they eat to make sure that they don’t suffer especially during their senior years. Their meals should be high protein but low in fat.

Apart from being friendly, cute, and cuddly, the Frenchie is a perfect dog for those who don’t have any experience with dogs before. They are fun to be with and require only a few things.

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