Birds have always been an entertaining pet to have. Whether you race, breed, or just happily keep them in your home, birds have always been a favorite. I will be advising you on how to properly learn how to care for your pet birds and which birds are most popular in households around the world. Although all pet birds should be treated as individuals, it is possible to minimize the risk of biting and aggression by choosing a species known for having a gentle and sociable demeanor.


Popular breeds

It is no surprise that many people want a pet bird that is friendly, gentle, and well-suited to being a companion. These traits are even more important for people with limited pet bird experience. It is easier to bond with and care for an animal that has a naturally friendly disposition, rather than one that tends to be timid or aggressive. The captivating cockatiel is a great choice for anyone who wants a friendly and affectionate pet bird.

Hailing from Australia, these birds make excellent pets when hand-fed as babies and raised in positive environments. While they do not normally learn to talk, cockatiels are exceptionally intelligent – many learn to whistle quite well and mimic common household noises. If you prefer a large pet bird that is friendly and affectionate, a cockatoo can be a great choice. These beautiful birds bond very strongly with their caretakers and prefer to be with them as often as possible. It is imperative that you have plenty of time to spend socializing with your bird. Cockatoos can become depressed if they are not given enough attention and might resort to feather plucking or other destructive behaviors.

As a member of the finch family, canaries are another excellent choice for bird lovers who prefer a hands-off pet. There are different types of canaries to choose from, and each variety has its own care requirements. In general, these birds need a healthy diet, a cage in which they can fly, and some toys to remain healthy.


Best suited to families

The highly intelligent African grey is often regarded as the best talking bird, with some amassing vocabularies of hundreds of words. There is even research suggesting these parrots can use words in context to have simple conversations, though that does not necessarily mean they understand what they are saying. In any case, this kind of verbalization takes years of patient training and practice.

This breed can be fun for children to interact with; however, you must exercise caution as many parrots are known to be ill-tempered. Cockatiels are larger than finches and budgies, but they are still one of the best pet birds for children and families. They can learn to talk, whistle, and do tricks, making them a delight for children. Cockatiels do well with older children who can devote time to interacting with them. They relish their time out of the cage and require a bit more work than finches or budgies do. So, select a cockatiel for kids who really have a desire to keep birds and learn about them.


Birds for beginners

If you are new to the world of birds, you may wish to start off gently. You might have already heard of parakeets that are also alternatively known as budgies. They are very friendly and affectionate pets when you take care of them properly. They are really small and cute, and you can also train them to perform several tricks. Moreover, budgies can literally learn to talk which makes them incredible pets that are not only adorable but also entertaining.

If you want a pet that you do not have to tend to too much, then finches are a great option. They are fast-moving and lively as well as fun to watch. They do not prefer climbing so make sure that their cage is big enough for them to fly around in. You should always buy them in pairs or in multiple numbers as finches are very social in nature. If the cage is too small for these finches then it can get really crowded which fights between the birds can erupt. They make for amazing pets for a child’s room as they do not like to be handled. You can easily have them around as perfect companions.