The Complete Guide to Owning a Large Dog.

The decision to take any animal into your family should not be something you take lightly, owning an animal is a huge responsibility and there are a lot of things that you may have to change about your home life in order to accommodate your animal’s care schedule. Having a large dog, in particular, is a huge responsibility as they require a specified diet and exercise regime that may need to be a lot stricter than what would be needed for the standard pet.

When it comes to owning a large dog I would highly recommend that you reach out to a professional who can give you plenty of helpful tips surrounding your large dog’s care. There may be a lot of things that you will need to buy before you can bring your dog home, this is why timing is important as you and your family must have the time and resources available so that you can give your dog the best possible life and make sure that all of their needs are catered for.


Especially with older dogs, it is very important that your dog’s health is maintained by ensuring a strict daily exercise regime as part of your family schedule, larger dogs generally require much more exercise than what a smaller dog will need which is why it important to think about whether it is realistic or not for your family to own a larger animal that will need attention throughout the day. Caring for a large dog is very rewarding but if it is not something that you can genuinely make time for as a family then the simple fact remains that owning a large dog may not be suitable for you.

A great exercise that can be implemented into your daily life pretty easily would be to take your large dog on a long walk to any local fields or parks in your area, this is something that will also benefit you as your dog’s walker and owner as it will encourage you to do more exercise yourself. If your dog is very active and you find that they have a lot of energy to burn throughout the day then you may have to increase their walks to twice daily to ensure that they are getting the work out they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and Nutrition

Alongside a strict exercise schedule, your large dog’s eating habits and diet are also very important in prolonging any health conditions that could come with old age, your dog should be fed around three times a day depending on their preference of how much and what kind of dog food they like to eat. You shouldn’t scrimp on your dog’s food either, you should be looking for a brand that advertises the nutritional content of their food and provides the daily vitamins and minerals that are needed to make sure your dog is as healthy as possible.

When it comes to your dog’s diet and nutrition it would be a great idea to book a check-up with the vet who will be able to tell you any nutrients your dog is missing from their current diet and how you can include healthier foods into your large dog’s meal. In any time of uncertainty, I would recommend that you speak to a professional as they are going to give you all of the necessary information to make sure your large dog is happy and healthy.


It is typical for large dogs to have much more hair than that of the standard pet, in order to make sure that your dog is comfortable with the length of its fur and that your home is not damaged when your dog sheds you will want to groom your dog regularly. You can either groom your large dog yourself or take it to a professional establishment but you should only brush and wash your dog’s fur and when it needs cutting you should take your time and remove fur in gradual amounts to avoid taking too much off.

Medical Treatment

Something that is often overlooked by new pet owners is the sheer cost of vet bills that could be needed to pay for your large dog’s medical treatment, even the smallest checkups have a fee and the large prices may be too much for a small family to handle. There is also the issue of how hard it is to say goodbye to your pet, in the unfortunate situation where you are forced to decide when to euthanize a dog with liver failure many pet owners find the situation too hard and the trauma deters them from owning a pet again.

Any pet owners forget how the bond and relationship grows like that of a true family member, however, this love for animals is often the culprit for overshadowing the more realistic approach that a dog is a big responsibility and you should only bring an animal into your family when you are truly prepared to look after it. Overall, owning a large dog is a very rewarding process and as long as you have the funds, resources, and time to properly look after it there is no reason why you shouldn’t look into the [process of owning a new large dog to make your family whole.

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