Dogs have incredibly powerful jaws which come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are armed with numerous teeth which have evolved to chew through just about anything, so it’s not surprising that many dog toys don’t last very long. Plenty of dog owners know that many so-called “tough toys” won’t last 5 minutes, and claims of “indestructible dog toys” are just not true. However some toys are designed to be as close to indestructible as possible, I will be detailing the best pet toys money can buy that will endure harsh play.  

Skinneeez Big Bite Bear 

The Big Bite Bear toy from Skinneeez is part of their excellent range of stuffing-free soft toys which are great for bringing out the natural hunting instincts of your dog. These cute soft toys are perfect for your dog to chase and shake and are designed to be long and floppy so are easy for almost any dog to grab and carry around. They are also ideal if you are fed up with other toys leaving stuffing everywhere. The lack of internal stuffing and squeakers is definitely one of their plus points, and these toys hold up very well to most dogs biting and tossing the toy around. This toy adds an exciting new dimension to the usual soft dog toy, as hidden inside the plush toy is a plastic water bottle, which adds extra crunch and noise to your dog’s play! The toy has a velcro fastener that keeps the bottle secure, and when the bottle has been crushed, simply undo the velcro and replace it with a new (used) water bottle. So not only is this a tough dog toy, but it also gives empty water bottles another purpose in life. You can redeem your coupons at 

Boomer Ball 

The Boomer Ball from Company of Animals is one of the toughest dog toys availableIt is a simple ball toy but is made from tough polyethylene which means it is virtually indestructible and most dogs can’t puncture the ball or rip it to shreds. It is available in several sizes and is designed not to be picked up by the dog so should be a size bigger than your dog can carry in their jaw. The 4″ ball is recommended for breeds like the Dachshund, Jack Russell, and Terrier. The 6″ version is recommended for breeds such as the Bulldog, Collie, and Poodle. The 8″ version is ideal for breeds like the Boxer, Labrador, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The 10″ ball is recommended for larger breeds like the German Shepherd and Rottweiler. 

Kong Original Extreme Dog Chew Toy

Kong has a well-deserved reputation for making some of the best quality dog toys available, and usually, the classic range is tough enough for most dogs. However, if your dog needs something even tougher, then you need to look at the Kong Extreme range. The Extreme is their most durable range of toys, and this chew toy is made from ultra-strong and ultra-durable rubber to survive even the most determined chewers. This chew toy can be stuffed with treats and is also designed to bounce in an unpredictable way for games of throw and fetch. 


The Toppl from West Paw Design is another of their Zogoflex toys, and this one is a tough puzzle toy to keep dogs entertained and challenged. The Toppl lives up to its name with its wibbly-wobbly behavior, and like their Tux treat toy, you can stuff it with treats to make playtime more fun and entertaining for your dog. The Toppl toy comes in two sizes, and you can interlock them both together to make playtime even more challenging for your dog. Like the other toys in the Zogoflex range, the Toppl is tough, recyclable, and safe for your pet. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. If your dog does manage to damage or destroy it, you can get a one-time replacement or refund.