The 6 Easiest Dog Breeds to Care For

Unless you are heartless, then you are probably a dog lover.  What isn’t there to love about dogs? Dogs are a man’s best friend and there is no wonder why. Dogs are capable of showing a long list of emotions that make them more comparable with a furry toddler than an animal. If you are someone that was raised with a dog in the home, then you will know how easily they become a part of the family.  However, not all of us were lucky enough to have a dog for various reasons

One of the main reasons why some people choose not to have a dog is due to the care that they require. Dogs can be hard work and they need a lot of attention, which some people simply cannot offer. However, not all dog breeds are as demanding as others and there are plenty of breeds out there that do not require intensive attention. Here are the 6 easiest dog breeds to care for.


This dog breed is so popular due to its cute appearance and loving nature, however, there is a common misconception that these dogs are extremely high maintenance. This really isn’t the case as Daschunds actually require a lot less attention than other dogs. Due to their short legs, they do not like to walk for long periods of time or very often, meaning you will be able to easily fit exercise in with your daily routine.


Though you may find it hard to believe, these sporting stars are one of the most low-maintenance dog breeds that you can own. Though these dogs are athletic, they do not enjoy long walks. This is because they are made for speed and not stamina, so they are not interested in staying out so long. Something that you may not expect is that Greyhounds actually spend a lot of their time sleeping and just enjoying the company of their owners.


Though these fiery little pets enjoy the attention, something that may surprise you is that they do very well when left alone. So if you are someone with a busy schedule, then you won’t have to worry about your dog getting lonely. The only thing you need to focus on with these dogs is their eating habits, as they have limitations on some of the foods they can eat.  If you own a chihuahua you may find yourself asking regular questions like can dogs eat jicama and will a grape harm them? We recommend research.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are so popular due to just how low maintenance they are. As well as being extremely social, they require minimal grooming. This is due to their short hair. You also don’t have to worry about getting them out too much as this breed is quite lazy and will enjoy just a simple walk a couple of times a day. French Bulldogs are also very friendly and make close bonds with their owners quickly, so you don’t have to worry about building a relationship too much.


These dogs are great because they have low energy levels due to their size. This means that you don’t have to constantly take them for walks and they are much happier just cuddling up somewhere warm with their owner.  Bullmastiffs also have short fur, which means that they do not require regular trips to go and see the groomer. The only issue you may face is their habit of drooling, but if you aren’t grossed out by it then it is easy to clean up.


Pugs are becoming more and more popular pets and there is no wonder why. Like other breeds on this list, pugs have short fur. Once again, this means you don’t have to take them to the groomers regularly, which will save you time and money.  Pugs are actually very lazy and do not like to exert themselves too much due to the trouble that they have with breathing, so after some short walks, they prefer to spend the evening relaxing and spending time with their owners. You do need to monitor their breathing due to their short snouts, but this is easily done.

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