A lot of us have plenty of room in our hearts for a pet, but not much room in our house. Depending on the rules of your tenancy, some of you may not be able to keep furry friends inside your home. However, a lot of landlords are extremely relaxed when it comes to having aquatic pets due to the decreased risk of fleas entering the home. However, there is a common misconception that aquatic pets are incredibly difficult to care for, which isn’t entirely true. Here are the five easiest aquatic pets to deal with.



You may not have heard about this aquatic creator before, but once you become familiar with axolotls, you are bound to be obsessed. Axolotls are more like underwater lizards than fish and they are extremely interactive and playful. Once you have their environment correct, axolotls are extremely easy to care for. They live on a diet of shrimp and pallets and prefer colder water, meaning that you won’t even need to buy a heater. Axolotls also have extremely long life spans, so you’ll have a companion for quite a while. Because they are carnivorous, they can eat a number of different proteins. If you are interested in what proteins they can eat, be sure to check out eatthatfish.com.


Brine Shrimp

If you are someone that really doesn’t have the time to maintain aquatic life, then you should really look into raising brine shrimp. Brine shrimp require close to no care and live on a diet of yeast, which makes them extremely easy to raise. If you are someone who has other aquatic pets, brine shrimp are a great source of food for them, which means that if you raise them on your own, you will have close to an endless supply of food for your other pets.



Guppies are known to be one of the easiest pets to care for due to how easily they adjust to their environments. With some fish, they can become extremely unwell if there are any changes to their tank. However, guppies are quite versatile animals and so will be able to deal with any changes. They interact well with each other, so you won’t have to worry about your fish attacking each other if you are someone that wants to have a few guppies in a single tank. Aside from that, they are also extremely cute.



The most standard fish that you will see people getting is a goldfish. There is a reason why goldfish are the main selection for a first pet for children and this is because they are so easy to care for. They survive on an extremely easy diet of fish food and can live for quite a long time if you care for them properly. One mistake that people often make when they get a goldfish is that they put them in a tank that is far too small for them, the best thing you can do is get them a sizable tank that will allow them to grow and be happy.



You may have recognized tetras before due to their striking appearance and fast movements. Tetras live in big groups and are highly sociable, they also only require a basic diet which means you won’t have to spend lots of money making sure that they are well fed. Tetras are also among the long list of fish that help to keep their tank clean, which means that you won’t have to do full tank water changes that often.