Looking to Treat Your Pet? Here are Some Easy Ways to Do So

Pets. Fur Babies. Companions. Whatever you want to call them, they paw their way into our hearts and never leave them. Humans have always had a special relationship with animals. Dating all the way back to our ancient ancestors. We worked symbiotically with nature to survive. And as civilization advances, some animals became a major part of our culture.

Horses were our main mode of transport for thousands of years. Cats were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt, and in later years they became vital for societies to stave of infestation of rats and other pests, leading to the eventual domestication of cats. And dogs were perfect hunting and herding animals, as well as faithful companions. Leading to their domestication.

These days animals are seen less as tools and more as members of the family. And rightfully so. As a cat lover myself I often find I love them more than other people! And I’m sure some of you reading this can share that sentiment. So it is no wonder we always want to spoil our little fur babies! So today we are going to run through some easy ways that you can treat your pet.

Buying Your Pet a New Toy

For all their differences, animals are more like us than we realize. They eat. They sleep. But most importantly, they play! Animals, especially cats and dogs, love to play. And they especially love to play with their favorite human. You! So the best way to treat your pet is with a brand new toy.

Playing is important for the health of a pet. Both physical and mental. That’s right, animals can become depressed. So buying them a new toy won’t just make them jump for joy, it will also contribute to their overall health.

For dogs, you could get a strong chew toy or a tug-o-war rope. Dogs love toys that more directly involve you. It’s why they love to fetch so much. Cats on the other hand love to hunt! So you might consider a small toy attached to a rope or a safe string-based toy for them to chase. If it is cat-nip stuffed, even better.

Get them some New Pet Food

No one likes to eat the same thing day in day out. And the same stands for your pet as well. And any cat owner will often tell you that they can be very fussy with their food. So a great way to treat them is to mix it up with a new flavor or brand of pet food.

We always recommend buying pet food that is a bit pricer. Cheap pet food is fine but not always very healthy and can be quite depressing for your pets to eat. You will want to check online as well to make sure the brand is right for your pet in terms of age and calorie content. Weight issues need to be watched with pets. So if your pet is already a bit overweight you might need a good diet food.

Cats and dogs both eat very different food. For cats, princess cat food is our choice as it is both nutritious while also being extremely tasty. And it comes in a variety of flavors so you can buy a good variety. For dogs, we recommend apex dog kibble. Hearty dry food that pairs well with most brands of wet food. It is full of nutrients and vitamins that keep your dog fit and healthy.

Letting Your Pet Socialise More

This one is more targeted at social animals such as dogs. Just like a person, dogs need to interact with others. They love being around people sure. But they love seeing other dogs just as much! (Keep in mind this isn’t true for all dogs.)

So you might consider taking your dog out to meet and play with other dogs. Dog parks are a great place to do this. And it gives you a chance to meet other owners and potentially make new friends yourself. You might also consider sending your dog to a dog daycare. Here they will be looked after and get to interact with other dogs, and you get a break from pet care. Or if you have a friend with a dog, why not arrange a doggy play date.

Get your Cat some Catnip

Everyone has seen those hilarious videos of cats high on catnip. One of nature’s wonders, this naturally occurring plant seemingly sends cats into a frenzy of happiness. This is why it is the ultimate treat for your pet cat!

Now don’t worry. Catnip might seem like it is a drug, but it is 100% safe. It is a naturally occurring plant in the mint family and is entirely non-addictive. The effects of it often wear off in 10-15 minutes and a cat won’t be affected by it again for a few hours at least. This is what makes it such a fantastic treat. Your cat gets a few minutes of intense joy and happiness and you can sit back and watch them go nuts!

You can get catnip in many different forms. As a spray to be sprayed on their toys or on a surface. You can get it already inside chew toys, heightening their playtime experience. Or you can get it pure and let them do with it as they please. It is fully safe for them to ingest as well. But try to avoid giving them too much as it could make them drowsy.

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