How to Properly Check your Pets for Invasive Pests

If you are someone that has a furry friend, then you have definitely had to deal with the fear of them facing infestation from pests. As the days are getting warmer, the pests that disappear in the winter are starting to pop up again. Though we may have forgotten about them for a few months, these pests are back and they are aiming straight for your pet.  As pet owners, you have probably heard every trick in the world for ensuring that your pets don’t pick up any unwanted friends. From lemon juice to bug bombing, you may feel like you are prepared.  


Something that a lot of pet owners are not too familiar with is how to actually check their pets for invasive pests, this is how so many people are quickly overwhelmed by home infestations that are quickly followed by a call to 24 hour emergency pest control. Here is how to properly check your pets for invasive pests.  



By Eye 

The most common and well-known way to check your pets for any unwanted pests is by eye. We all spend a considerable amount of time lounging with our furry friends and within this time it is recommended that you take the chance to give them the one over with your eyes. Simply run your fingers through your pet’s fur and break it up into sections. Really take the time to look closely and see if you can spot any unwanted pests. If you are someone that is visually challenged, then we recommend that you use a tool to amplify what you can see. The most common tool that people use while doing this is a magnifying glass. Pests can be extremely small and difficult to see, so anything that will make being able to see them a little easier is always welcome.  


The comb method 


If you are someone that can not rely on their eyesight to be able to check your pets for pests, then we recommend using the comb method. If you go to any pet shop or vets, you should be able to buy a thin comb that you can use to try and find pests on your pet.  Now, using a comb will not rid your pet of any infestation, but it is a great way to try and work out if you have any little creatures that you need to get rid of. Depending on how your pet reacts to items like that, it could be difficult to use the comb, especially if your pet has long fur. If that is the case, then you may have to use another method.  


Citrus bath 


Fleas and other pests absolutely hate citrus. Nobody really knows why they react so negatively to citrus, but their reaction can be used to your advantage. Bathing your pet in a citrus solution will make them want to leave the host body, which will make them drop into the water. This is a great way of confirming any suspicions of whether or not your pet has fleas. Though some of the fleas and pests will leave your pet, not all of them will so please do not depend on this method as a way to get rid of the fleas. Though it is an extremely successful way to confirm any suspicions that you may have about whether or not your pet is infested, you should not depend on this method entirely. Not all pets infestations are flea-based and some other pests do not react to citrus, so they could go unnoticed. 

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