How to Care For Your Dogs While at Work

If you are one of the millions of people that were forced to work from home during the pandemic, then it is likely that you started to experience a lot of loneliness during your time alone.

Working from home is great as it gives you the flexibility to work how you want and dress how you want. However, working in an office gives you the chance to socialise with people and escape loneliness, which a lot of people were unable to do when working from home.

For this reason, the amount of dog adoption skyrocketed during the lockdown as people were looking for a furry friend that could keep them company during some of the more silent days.

Dogs are great companions and they give you someone to talk to during your working day. However, life is starting to return to normality and it is now time for a lot of people to return to the office. If you are someone that got a dog during the lockdown, then you may be worried about them not having their needs met when you are gone.

You do not have to worry about your dog being ok and there are a number of ways that you can make sure that they are fine in your absence. Here is how to care for a dog while at work.

Get a Nanny Cam

When you go back to work, the only thing that you will be able to think about is what your pets are doing and if they are ok in the house in the house on their own. Instead of letting your brain race and worry about what they are doing in your absence, you can instead check in on them with the help of a nanny cam.

If there are specific places where you keep your dog when you are not at home, you can set up cameras in those rooms. You can then access these cameras from your phone and this will allow you to see what your dog is up to when you are not there.

If your dog has no experience when it comes to staying in the house on their own, they may be a bit anxious to start and they may act out or bark more. Luckily, a lot of these cameras also have speakers, which means that if you notice that your dog is panicking or getting worried, you can speak to them through the speaker and calm them. Just hearing your voice will make your dog feel much safer and leaving them alone will be a lot easier for you.

Automatic Feeders

If you work long hours and your dog is a big eater, then you may be worried that your dog is not getting enough food when you are not there. Well, you will be glad to know that you can actually buy automatic dog feeders for dogs. You can set these feeders up to work in a number of ways.

First of all, you can get feeders that work on timers. You simply set a time and at that time, the feeder will release food for them to eat.

You can also get feeders that you can control from your phone, this means that when you feel as though it is time to feed your dog, all that you need to do is press a button on your phone and the food will be automatically released for your dog.

There are many ways that you can care for your dog from work and you do not have to worry about them, if you are worried I would recommend getting a sitter when you are gone.

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