4 Advances in Public Ligthing That are Making Outdoor Spaces Safer

Public spaces are really important to people as it’s nice for people to have an open space in their local area such as a nice park. For these places to feel safe it is important that they are well lit, if they’re in pitch blackness then people will feel nervous or intimidated as it could be dangerous. There have been some advances in public lighting that are adding to the safety of outdoor spaces. This is a great boon for pet walkers as there has been increasing demand for public spaces to be more pet-friendly at night.  According to ghform.se, one of the most common questions they get asked is related to lighting outdoor public spaces.

LED Lighting

One of the newest developments in how lighting is making outdoor spaces safer is that LED lighting can give off a much warmer and safer glow, having this kind of glow from your lights actually has some correlation to less crime which will lead to more people using outdoor spaces. LED lighting is also great as it is very versatile, it can be used in many different situations, having adaptable lighting for outdoor spaces is important as different lighting will be needed at different times of the day.


Advances in public lighting in outdoor spaces are also making things safer in the long run, due to global warming and the climate crisis that we are going through, there is a big effort to try and reach zero emissions by 2050. Advances in lighting have led to lighting that is much more environmentally friendly, this will add to making the world much safer from climate change. Although it may seem like a small difference, this shouldn’t be underestimated as everyone must play their part to try and prevent the climate crisis.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a system that is implemented alongside LED lighting, it detects any issues occurring in the lighting and automatically raises a service concern. This helps to make sure that if the lighting ever goes off people are aware straight away and can fix the problem as it could be scary for the lights to go off whilst you’re in the open spaces so to make people feel safe you would want to fix this as fast as possible.

Changing Lights

There are now lights that will automatically change depending on the weather, these lights make public spaces safer as anyone driving will be safer as they won’t accidentally be dazzled by lighting that is too bright.

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